What to tell Abe next time you blow deadline

Dinesh D’Souza made me.

Like Apes Staring at the Monolith in 2001

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If you’re CBS corporate

You can either:

A) Invest in overseas bureaus and expand foreign-news coverage for both the nightly news and owned-and-operated affiliates, as suggested by Tom Fenton.


B) Do this:

Too wrong for words

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Final’s Week Levity

“I yell like Michael Jackson!”

…But let’s remember there’s still a world out there

These are all issues that America must engage to reclaim its dessicated power and influence. If it is truly morning in America again, we must devote ourselves to never shut ourselves off from the world, to engage and debate, to be of the world. We’ve been wrong for far too long.

A suicide bomber has killed at least 35 soldiers at an army training school in north-west Pakistan, officials say.

At least 18 Palestinians have been killed and 40 wounded by Israeli tank fire in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, Palestinian sources have said.

Daniel Ortega, the onetime cold-war nemesis of the United States, was assured of winning the presidency here and fulfilling his 16-year struggle to regain power.

Hamas’ military wing called Wednesday on Muslims around the world to attack American targets following reports that an Israeli tank strike killed 18 people in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun.

My Blue Heaven

Madisonian democracy has returned. I’m not a partisan, but for anyone who cares about democracy, this is good.






You can take Prof. Smith’s Freelance Class or…

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Or do both like me!

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Don’t say I didn’t warn you

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I truly hesitate to post this, but if you want to waste a couple of hours driving yourself nuts, check below the fold… Continue reading

CSPAN could use this for the next PM questions recess